13 September 2013

"Open Letter" Castle Billy human visitors

21 of June 1911. The municipal council. Extract "it [the conseil municipal] recalls that emerges from all the studies that have been done on medieval castles of the region as Castle Billy, both towers by fortifications that depend, The most interesting specimen of the military art of the time ".

This is 102 years exactly, the 1he Day of Summer 1911, the council of the municipality of Billy asked my ranking to be able to protect me. He also took the opportunity to ask the classification of the crypt and the choir of the church of Saint-Cyr-Sainte Julitte. But in the streets of my town, what was the conversation, it was the boats ... The Titanic and Olympic. The 31 that en effet, few days before the municipal officials do formalize their thinking about my future, le Titanic, that big, beautiful ship was launched in Belfast. As for the Olympic, the largest liner in the world, he made his maiden voyage on 14 So in June ..., you, people at my feet, without knowing the rough times you have to go through, not dreamed that voyages, fixed, entertainment ... I'd still look great though, not ?

17 more 1921. Ca and is ! I am ! Ranked !!
Crypt and choir of the church did not have the honor.

So I had a little more 700 years when experts and ministers signed the order of ranking, almost 10 years after the request by the council.

1921, year interwar (we do not yet know at the time) too rough : Hitler became president of the Nazi Party in Bavaria ; despite truce, the civil war resumed in Ireland ; Portugal, politicians are murdered ...

Ainsi va la vie. Built to defend a territory, the violence, fighting to be the nature of my life.
Yes, more en 8 centuries now, I had the chance to see more days of peace (happy days ?) as days of war ... and if the "god of fortresses" allows, I hope and wish it still goes well.

I am well aware of my age and I also know - unpretentious - I am a timeless testimony of an era that helped build the present and the present to come. Epoque certainly not always glorious in terms of judges that you are, humans today, but then who replied as she could to the demands of his time. Is not that what you do too ?

I knew the appearance of guns, you see the destruction by nuclear and chemical weapons ...
j’ai connu l’incertitude : Earth Is Flat, est-elle round ? How far will the inhabited land ? And by whom ? You have giant telescopes and spectrographs sophisticated (MUSE) perched in a desert which then unaware to know the billions of galaxies that surround us and you ...
I knew the troubadours and minstrels, you dance to digital sound ...
I knew the arrival of the printing, you touch pads ...
I knew the messages on foot and on horseback, you have social networks and 4G ...
The world in which we live, we live, is scary and wonderful ...

But finally, humans today, Are you more related, more connected, your peers than those who lived in and around my walls there 8 centuries ?

Like every ("Inanimate objects do you have a soul ? »… eh oui, I also heard of Lamartine) age who is age, I see that my walls are wrinkled, my "hair" (unlike yours !) grow back coarser and more green ... ! I love nature, that surrounds me, but ivy, hazel and other plants that interfere between my stones are my rheumatism ... As for pigeons pecking my skin, they tickle me, give me a migraine attack and my defense system.

I already had a few facelifts, but more would be welcome in a few decades to accommodate your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (who will celebrate 200 years of protection !)
Have you noticed that despite the ever present technology, Knights, princesses and dragons are still part of the imagination of children 7 to 97 years ... ?

Remember to take a picture today (Digital, silver) or drawing, why not a watercolor : in 2063, in 2113, it will reflect my state of health 2013 and she will tell you, human, you were, one septembre 2013, in a historical monument !

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